Orlean Market

Orlean MarketDarci and Kaliegh

Dining Room

Local Chips

Local Chips

Wine Selection

Wine Selection

Say Cheers with a Guinness

Say Cheers with a Guinness


Orlean Market, Orlean,  Virginia
We stopped over the weekend to photograph this quaint village, as you can see this market has everything you need to pack for your winery picnic, point to point races or just slow down and stay awhile.









Orlean Market with Karen and Doug

Orlean Market with Karen and Doug



Naked Lunch

Our Reds and Chef Stamer's Lasagna

Our Reds and Chef Stamer’s Lasagna

The mantle over the large stone fireplace

The mantle over the large stone fireplace

Naked Lunch

by Steve Chase


We headed out Leeds Manor Road from Paris today to grab some lasagna and wine at Naked Mountain Vineyards.  For those who have not driven this route, it is a spectacular short drive that crosses the northern start of the Blue Ridge. Perched on the south end of the drive in Markham, Naked Mountain is a small and cozy place that is a big contrast from some of the other local wineries that are often crowded and loud.


The view from the winery house is spectacular, looking down towards Shenandoah National Park.  While the deck is an excellent place to hang out with a glass of wine, we opted to eat indoors with some rainy weather looking imminent.  After tasting three decent reds, we decided on a bottle of the somewhat complex cross-vintage Raptor Red and the Scarlet Oak Red a very tasty Rhone-style red.  Chef Eric Stamer makes a great lasagna, both meat and vegetarian.  The large portion had just the right balance of pasta, filling, and cheese, topped of with a ladle full of well-simmered marinara.


We left with a few bottles to bring home, and think that lasagna at Naked Mountain could become a regular habit.

We are delighted to have Steve Chase share his thoughts on our visit to Naked Mountain, photography by Karen and Doug

Lined up and ready

The bar sceneA view of the warm inviting winery

A view of the warm inviting winery



January in Virginia

Not what you always think about as the perfect weather for a photo session outdoors.  A 1976 antique Rover, a monkey hat, and red shoes with Caitlin in the drivers seat gave us the perfect backdrop for our locally grown family.

The Rover



Monkey Hat

Behind the wheel

Wendy and Darryl

Happy First Anniversary to Wendy and Darryl.

A beautiful country setting in Aldie Virginia, rich with warm tones of the fall harvest.  We were honored to be a part of Wendy and Darryl’s special day along with working with a few of our local business friends, Country Way for the bridal bouquet and wedding cake designed by local baker Pinky.  Did I mention the dress was hand made by Wendy!





Em – A Portrait Session 07.03.2011

Em and her family have been long time friends of ours, Renee and I used to work at the bank together and Em well as you can see is a beautiful young lady with the world at her fingertips.

Location-Delaplane  Virginia also known as Piedmont Station where General Johnson and his Valley Army boarded the train on their way to the “First Battle of Manassas Virginia”.

Part of our series “Locally Grown” ~Karen